Royalette's Bionic Woman



D.O.B 06.04.2011

Breeder Katja Laurila, Royalette's

Chinese Crested Database - KOIRANET




Daisys daughter, my first own-bred C.I.B. winner. One of the most important dogs to me! Bianca has lot of things from her dad (Vanitonia Devil Made Me Do It).

Best Show Merits

  • C.I.B., FI, SE, BALT, EE, LV, LT, RU Champion BALT, EE, LV, LT Junior Champion
    BIG-4 at Latvia Ventspils 2013

    #3 female show CC puppy at Finland 2011!
    #7 female show CC at Finland 2012!
    #5 female show CC at Finland 2013!

    Crufts qualified 2012

Some things that judges have said - Jotain mitä tuomarit ovat sanoneet

William Browne-Cole: "Quality, femine bitch. Exc body proportions. Couldn't stand wrong"

Tom Isherwood: "Very nice outline standing. Very showy."