Question: How Can We Prevent Diseases During Rainy Season?

How can we prevent diseases in rainy season?

During the monsoon, one should take basic precautionary measures to prevent any infection.

These include:Be extra cautious of food and water – avoid eating foods or drinking water that has a risk of being contaminated.Be extra vigilant with water, drink only boiled water.More items…•.

What are the diseases caused in rainy season?

Listing below some common monsoon diseases:Dengue:Chikungunya:Malaria:Cholera:Typhoid:Viral fever:Diarrhoea:Common cold and flu:More items…•

What are the 10 most common diseases?

Heart disease. Share on Pinterest Many of the top 10 causes of death are preventable through lifestyle changes and regular checkups. … Cancer. Deaths in 2017: 599,108. … Unintentional injuries. … Chronic lower respiratory disease. … Stroke and cerebrovascular diseases. … Alzheimer’s disease. … Diabetes. … Influenza and pneumonia.More items…•

What are the 5 most common diseases?

The 5 Most Common Infectious DiseasesHepatitis B. According to current statistics, hepatitis B is the most common infectious disease in the world, affecting some 2 billion people — that’s more than one-quarter of the world’s population. … Malaria. … Hepatitis C. … Dengue. … Tuberculosis.

Which disease is caused by mosquitoes?

Diseases that are spread to people by mosquitoes include Zika virus, West Nile virus, Chikungunya virus, dengue, and malaria. Employers should protect workers and workers should protect themselves from diseases spread by mosquitoes.

How can you protect yourself from seasonal diseases?

Avoid other people. “My number one tip is to keep what I call ‘sensible distancing’ from coughs and sneezes,” says Professor Oxford. … Wash your hands – a lot. … Swap sandwiches for soup. … Sleep with the seasons. … Keep your vitamin D topped up. … Clear the air in your lungs.

What are the diseases caused in summer?

Here are some of the most common diseases in summer and tips to avoid them.Heat stroke: Heat stroke or hyperthermia is a common summer disease that results from prolonged exposure to high temperatures. … Food poisoning: … Dehydration: … Mumps: … Chicken Pox: … Measles: … Typhoid: … Sunburn:More items…

What are seasonal diseases?

Seasonal infections of humans range from childhood diseases, such as measles, diphtheria and chickenpox, to faecal–oral infections, such as cholera and rotavirus, vector-borne diseases including malaria and even sexually transmitted gonorrhoea (Hethcote & Yorke 1984).

What are the six diseases?

Childhood mortality: six killer diseases and how to stop themPneumonia. Pneumonia, usually caused by a bacterial infection, is a disease in which the air sacs in the lungs become inflamed and fill up with fluid. … Diarrhoea. Diarrhoea is caused by an infection in the intestinal track. … Malaria. … Meningitis. … HIV. … Measles.

What precautions should we take during this season to protect from malaria and dengue?

Clean and mop your house every day. Get rid of excess and stagnant water as these are the breeding ground for mosquitoes. Avoid storing water in pots, tyre, tanks, and coolers. And if you must store then cover all kinds of breeding places like water storage tanks and containers.