Quick Answer: Can Condos Prohibit Smoking On Balconies?

Can I smoke on my balcony?

Smoke from balconies can be sucked into the interior through windows and a/c units and such a ban is not unusual at all.

And implementing a no-smoking rule in apartment complexes may not be a lease breach at all unless your lease specifically says that smoking IS permitted.

Check your state laws..

How do I deal with my Neighbours smoking?

When Secondhand Smoke Invades Your HomeEnforce a No-Smoking Lease. If the smoke that disturbs you comes from someone who rents, find out if the rental agreement contains a no-smoking clause; these clauses are becoming more common. … Enforce a No-Smoking CC&R. … Sue Your Neighbor. … Check Your State’s Laws.

Do condos have balconies?

Condo balconies are probably the most visible fantasy objects on the urban landscape, and often the homeliest. The standard minimum is a shallow concrete platform, just big enough for a couple of chairs and a bicycle.

How do you ask someone to stop smoking around you?

It’s not necessary to criticize someone for smoking in the same breath that you ask them not to smoke around you. You also don’t need to offer an explanation for why you’re asking someone to stop smoking around you. Simply saying, “I’d appreciate it if you didn’t smoke around me,” is sufficient.

Can a condo ban smoking on a balcony?

In fact, balconies and patios are also common property in most condo developments, so technically it’s against condo bylaws to smoke there, regardless that people consider it their private property; it’s not! … For those allergic to smoke, sensitive to it, or for those with asthma, this is a serious issue.

How can I smoke in my apartment and not get caught?

Make sure you close your door. Open up a window and lean outside a bit, be careful though. Now close the curtains behind your back so that the smoke doesn’t get inside. When you’re done smoking, keep the window open for a bit, allowing the room to get smoke-free.

What can you do if your apartment neighbor smokes?

Talk with your landlord/property manager about the secondhand smoke problem in your apartment.An in person meeting or written communication is better, keep a record of all communications in case it is needed later.Be calm, polite, stick to the issue, and ask what solutions might be available.More items…•

How much weight can balcony hold?

Overloading a balcony could result in a safety hazard that puts you or someone else in danger. That being said, generally speaking, balconies are load-rated to 50-100 pounds per square foot. Although, there’s a chance that your balcony was structurally built as a patio, which may change its load rating capacity.

How do you prove a tenant is smoking cigarettes?

Usually, tenant smoking is easy to detect by the distinctive smell on walls, in carpeting and furniture, signs of ash or cigarette butts, and yellow or brown discoloration on walls, counters, cabinets, doors and trim. Even with camouflage, you can usually find enough signs to prove indoor smoking.

Can condos restrict smoking?

Smokefree Policy In most cities and counties in California, a landlord has the legal right to prohibit smoking in indoor and outdoor common areas of an apartment complex and to restrict smoking in individual units.

Can I smoke on my balcony NSW?

What are these new strata laws affecting smoking in NSW apartment blocks, and are they likely to stop you smoking on balconies or within your unit? … Some strata schemes will have voted to be 100% smoke-free. Others will allow smoking on common property or at designated locations to avoid smoke drift from balconies.

Can you complain about Neighbours smoking?

The simplest way to resolve a dispute with your neighbour is by talking to them directly and trying to reach a resolution that works for both parties. If you have tried to discuss the smoke issue with your neighbour and they have not fixed the problem, you should contact your local council.

How do I stop my neighbor from smoking?

Apply weather stripping to windows to block outdoor smoke. Smoke may come in through your windows if one of your neighbors smokes on their balcony or patio. If this happens, keep your windows closed and install weather stripping to block the smoke from entering your apartment.

Is a balcony a common area?

Balconies or patios are part of the common elements because they are outside the boundaries of a unit. They are considered limited common elements because their use is limited to the owner or resident of the adjacent unit. … Generally, the owner is responsible for these areas, including the surface and railings.

How can I get my neighbor to stop smoking?

Take a friendly, educational approach. Let the neighbor know that you are experiencing difficulty from their secondhand smoke, and that you are concerned about your health. Let them know that you are flexible and interested in working out a mutually satisfying solution.

Can I enclose my balcony?

There are some quick and easy fixes you can do to enclose your balcony, like using outdoor curtains or installing bamboo roll up blinds. Screens are great for bug control, and netting will make your balcony pet safe. More permanent solutions include premade screen panels or a screen porch awning.

Can you prohibit tenants from smoking?

Landlords have the right to prohibit or restrict smoking in their rental properties. Most of the time, a no-smoking policy is part of the lease or rental agreement. When tenants (or subtenants) sign a lease or rental agreement, they agree to be bound by its terms.