Quick Answer: Can You Pay Cash At BC Ferries?

Do I need to make a reservation for BC Ferries?

I am travelling to Vancouver Island by car on Tues 4 Aug from Horseshoe Bay and returning Sunday 9th.

Do I need to reserve the ferries and if not what time should I turn up.

You don’t have to reserve..

Can you walk on BC Ferries with a dog?

Walk-on passengers must currently remain with their animals in designated pet areas during the crossing. Dogs must remain on leash and under the owners’ care in the pet area during sailings, and all other pets, including cats, ferrets and birds, must be in a carrying case.

How much do you save with a BC Ferries Experience card?

You save 30% as well other perks. There is no savings using the card to cross at Horseshoe Bay etc but if you plan to visit the Gulf Islands it really does pay.

How long is the ferry to Langdale?

Horseshoe Bay is located just 20 minutes north of the city of Vancouver, off Highway 1. The Langdale Ferry runs approximately every 2 hours and the ferry crossing time is 40 minutes. Boarding the ferry in Horseshoe Bay, your journey to the Sunshine Coast really begins.

Can you buy BC ferry tickets online?

When you book online, some routes offer the option of paying the entire fare up-front, including the booking fee, or just paying the booking fee. … For travel between Vancouver (Tsawwassen) and the Southern Gulf Islands and on our northern routes, full pre-payment of fares is required at the time of booking.

Can you pay debit at BC Ferries?

Travellers taking BC Ferries will soon be able to use their debit cards at the company’s ticket booths. The change will apply to both vehicles and foot passengers, who will now also be able to use credit and debit tap-and-pay as well.

How much does the BC ferry cost?

BC Ferries Connector Rates & FaresAdultBC Senior (65 +)Vancouver Downtown – Victoria Downtown One – Way$50.50$37.00Vancouver Downtown – Swartz Bay or Duke Point or Gulf Island via Tsawwassen One – Way$32.50$24.00Vancouver Hotels – Victoria Downtown One – Way$60.50$47.003 more rows

Is it cheaper to book ferry in advance?

Tips For Cheaper Ferry Tickets Book in advance – Generally, the lowest fares are available when you book in advance. So book as early as possible before your travel date.

Is a 55 year old considered a senior citizen?

As I mentioned, 55 is the age at which you’re considered to be a senior citizen — at least in the eyes on many businesses offering discounts. Being labeled a senior citizen might make you feel old, but you should still take advantage of the perks.

Can I stay in my car on a ferry?

Can you stay in car on ferry? If you are wondering can you stay in your vehicle on a ferry the answer in most cases is no. Once the vessel starts with crossing, you will not be allowed onto the car parking deck as most of the large car ferries for safety reasons, do not allow passengers to stay in their cars.

Is BC Ferries a government job?

British Columbia Ferry Services Inc., operating as BC Ferries (BCF), is a former provincial Crown corporation, now operating as an independently managed, publicly owned Canadian company.

What is the senior age for BC Ferries?

65 or olderThe discount is available for anyone age 65 or older and doesn’t apply on holiday Mondays. A B.C. services card, a B.C. driver’s licence, a B.C. identification card or a birth certificate with proof of residency must be presented.

Can you bring pets on BC Ferries?

During the sailing you can leave your pets in your vehicle or take them to the designated Pet Area.

Are BC Ferries free for seniors?

The seniors’ discount on passenger fares on B.C. Ferries has been restored to 100 per cent, from 50 per cent. B.C. residents over 65 can ride for free Monday to Thursday, although the vehicle fare still applies. Holiday Mondays are excluded.

Are walk ons allowed on BC Ferries?

Walk-on passengers, cyclists and motorcyclists must remain inside designated zones while in the terminal and while aboard the ferry. Walk-on passengers, cyclists and motorcyclists with symptoms of COVID-19 are not permitted aboard the inland ferries.

How much is the ferry to Langdale?

Price per passenger one way from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale (Langdale to Horseshoe Bay = FREE): Child aged 4 and under: Free. Child aged 5 to 11: $6.85. Ages 12 to 64: $13.70.

Is there food on BC Ferries?

Hot and cold entrees and grab and go snacks are available at the Coastal Cafe and Arbutus Coffee Bar. Customers can now enjoy packaged food items and hot food services on select routes between Vancouver Island, Metro Vancouver, Southern Gulf Islands, Sunshine Coast and North Coast.

Where does the Langdale ferry go?

Horseshoe Bay to Langdale BC Ferries operates a scheduled ferry service between Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver to Langdale on the Sechelt Peninsula of the Sunshine Coast.