Quick Answer: How Do I Find My First Information Report?

What happens if charge sheet is not filed?

An indefeasible right accrues in favour of the accused for being released on bail if the police fails to complete the probe and no charge-sheet is filed within the period of 90 days or 60 days as the case may be, under Section 167 (2) of Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973..

What is the format of fir?

Brief description of offence (with section) and of property carried off, if any. 4. Place of occurence and distance and direction from the Police Station. 5.Name & Address of the Criminal.

How do you write a FIR for fighting?

If given orally, it MUST be taken down in writing and explained to you by the officer in charge, at a Police Station within the jurisdiction of which the offence has taken place. Be very specific. There should be four copies recorded simultaneously, with carbon sheets in place. It must be recorded in first person.

What is meant by First Information Report?

First Information Report (FIR) is a written document prepared by the police when they receive information about the commission of a cognizable offence. … It is generally a complaint lodged with the police by the victim of a cognizable offence or by someone on his/her behalf.

What is meant by charge sheet?

A charge sheet is a final report prepared by the investigation or law enforcement agencies for proving the accusation of a crime in a criminal court of law.

What is the importance of charge sheet?

It is on the basis of the charge sheet and other finding of records, the magistrate frames the charge against the accused, whether to plead guilty or not. Charge sheet is an important mechanism which the magistrates scrutinizes and makes a pre-inquiry of it to understand the culpability of the offender in the crime.

What is the process after filing FIR?

Once an FIR has been filed the police are legally bound to start investigating the case. The process of investigation includes, but is not limited to, collecting evidence, questioning witnesses, inspecting the crime scene, forensic testing, recording statements and so on.

How do you prepare a charge sheet?

The Procedure follows as(1) Complaint lodged against the Government Officials. … (2) Carrying out Preliminary Inquiry. … (3) Show Cause Notice to Official. … (4) Response against Show Cause Notice. … (5) Serving of Charge Sheet. … (6) Response to the Charge-sheet. … (7) Scrutiny of Response of Official.More items…•

Can FIR be Cancelled by police?

Once the Fir is registered, FIR cannot be canceled. Even when the complainants urge for the same. It can be disposed of only as per the manner prescribed under the Criminal Procedure Code. When the Offender cannot be traced even after making all possible efforts, and there are no changes for finding him in the future.

What are the contents of a charge sheet?

The contents of a charge-sheet must contain information on: what the charges against the accused are and when the offence is alleged to have been committed; what Act and relevant section of the Act that is alleged to have been breached; the name and signature of the informant (police officer) issuing the charge; and.

Can an accused file an FIR?

FIR means ‘First Information Report. … Section 154[1] of the Criminal Procedure Code (hereinafter referred to as CrPC), 1973, makes it clear that an FIR can be registered in cognizable offenses[2] only. Cognizable crimes are those offenses in which a police officer can arrest an accused without a warrant.

How do you write first information report?

Some elements must be present in FIR, like;Name of the Police Station.Name, Identity and address of the informant.Name and other information of accused (If possible)Date and time of the crime/offence.Place of the Offence.Name of the witness (if any)Sign or Thumb impression of the informant.

What is First Information Report in CrPC?

An FIR (First Information Report) is the earliest form and the first information of a cognizable offence recorded by an officer-in-charge of a police station. The underlying reason for documenting an FIR is to a set criminal law into motion and not to express all the small details therein.

What are the features of first information report?

The first information is still admissible in evidence. (b) that information should relate to the commission of a cognizable offence on the face of it. In other words, FIR is only a complaint to set the affairs of law and order in motion and it is only at the investigation stage that all the details can be gathered.

Who files the charge sheet?

On the basis of the investigation, the police are required to form an opinion. If the police think that the evidence points to the guilty of the accused person, then they file a chargesheet in the court. It is not the job of a police to decide whether a person is guilty or innocent, that is for the judge to decide.

What is charge sheet Class 8?

On the basis of the investigation, the police are required to form an opinion. If the police think that the evidence points to the guilt of the accused person, then they file a charge sheet in the court. It is not the job of the police to decide whether a person is guilty or innocent, the judge has to decide this.

What happens if charge sheet is filed?

Once the chargesheet is filed, the next procedure will be for the court to take congisance of the same. … A court could also be set up on the jail premises. Once the court is seized of the matter, then the judge will issue summons to all the accused. In case any of the accused are on bail, then a summons is issued.

What is a zero FIR?

It means that an FIR can be filed in any police station, irrespective of the jurisdictional limitations and location of the incident. The respective police station takes in the FIR and marks it as a zero FIR by giving it serial number zero and immediately transfer the documents over to the concerned jurisdiction.