Quick Answer: Who Is Leaving 9news?

Is Danielle Grant married?

She’s married to her sweet husband, Bill, and absolutely adores their precious 73-pound basset hound, Walter.

Most importantly, Danielle is the coveted 2015 Mirror Ball winner from that year’s Dancing with the Anchors..

What is Danielle Grant salary?

Danielle Grant Salary Owing to her wealth of experience, she receives an impressive estimated salary of $75,000 per year.

Who is the weather girl on Channel 9?

Amber SherlockAmber Simone Sherlock (née Higlett) is an Australian journalist, television news presenter and reporter. She currently presents the weather on Nine News Sydney and has previously hosted the daily national one hour news bulletin Nine News Now.

Who left 9 news recently?

Christine NoelAfter nearly five years at 9NEWS, Christine Noel has announced that she’s headed to Houston for a new opportunity. Here are a few words she wanted to share with our viewers. 9NEWS morning show anchor Christine Noel is leaving 9NEWS for a new opportunity at the end of December.

Is Kim Christiansen retiring?

Is Kim Christiansen Leaving 9news. In the course of her career, Kim has won seven Heartland regional Emmy awards for news writing, spot news, and news reporting. She has been with 9 News for over three decades. Currently, there are no reports of Kim leaving or retiring from 9 News.

Is Kathy Sabine leaving 9news?

Is Kathy Sabine leaving 9News. Since her entrance to KUSA-9News in 1993, She has marked her 26th anniversary at the station. However, in an interview, she revealed that her contract with the 9News is almost expiring. She further states her future with the station as uncertain.

How old is Kim Christiansen?

44 years (May 8, 1976)Kim Christiansen/Age

Who is Danielle Grant’s husband?

Bill ReddickDanielle Grant is an American Meteorologist working at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado….Quick Facts About Danielle Grant.Full NameDanielle GrantNationalityAmericanSpouseBill ReddickNet Worth$1 Million1 more row

Why did Marty Coniglio get fired?

Longtime Denver meteorologist Marty Coniglio was fired by 9News for a social media post that compared federal troops policing cities to Nazis. He explains his reasoning in a bylined article in Westword today: “Better to be a good American than a good employee.

Is Kim Christiansen leaving 9news?

Nonetheless, KUSA-Channel 9 has announced that Kim Christiansen will join Kyle Clark and Kathy Sabine on the NBC affiliate’s 10 p.m. news team, following Arakawa’s departure.

Did Marty Coniglio get fired from 9news?

Meteorologist Marty Coniglio, a longtime Denver television weatherman, explains his departure from 9News this summer in a column posted online. … Coniglio was fired in July, a day after he compared, on social media, federal troops in U.S. cities to Nazis.

Is Kim Christiansen still married?

Kim is married to her husband, Greg Feith. Greg is an American former Senior Air Safety Investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board. Currently, he is a consultant on aviation and security matters in the private sector. Furthermore, he is an aviation expert for NBC and MSNBC.

Is 9 News anchor Tom Green married?

Information about Green’s dating life is not known for he has managed to keep his personal life away from the limelight. It is therefore not known if Green is engaged to someone or whether he is married. It is also not known if he has any children.

Who is the new weather girl on Channel 9?

Laurann RobinsonDENVER — Laurann Robinson is a Meteorologist and Reporter at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado. Laurann joined the 9NEWS weather team in December 2020 as the midday meteorologist.

Is Amelia Earhart still with 9news?

Help us wish Amelia Earhart farewell as she joins Colorado and Company as their new host.

What happened to Drew soicher on 9news?

Evening sports anchor Drew Soicher is leaving 9News after working at the station since 2000, 9News announced Friday. … Soicher was known for his bobble head collection and use of Nick the sea lion to predict football outcomes. The anchor won’t be with 9News in 2017. His future plans are currently unknown.

Where is Taylor Temby now?

Taylor Temby is an American journalist from Colorado, United States of America. She is currently famous for being the Sports Reporter and News Anchor for 9News in Denver, Colorado. Temby attended the University of Colorado later working as a Sports Information Director at the same Institution upon her graduation.