What Do You Mean Said?

How could you say that meaning?

​Definitions and Synonyms.




used for saying that something is not certain because no one knows exactly what has happened or what is going to happen..

What’s your say Meaning?

To have your say means to get an opportunity to deliver your opinion on something. If you’re at a loud and hostile town council meeting, you might not get a chance to have your say unless you shout it. Say means to speak, so any time you utter a word, you’re saying it.

How do you show someone you mean what you say?

Here are 5 steps to help you do just that.Give or receive honest input. It’s important that both people know they are going to be told the truth. … Listen to your partner and reflect on what he/she is saying and feeling. … Accept feedback and respond. … Stay in the moment. … Do not quit.

What is it called when you don’t mean what you say?

When you say something facetiously, you don’t really mean it — you’re joking.

What do you mean by say?

1a : to express in words : state. b : to state as opinion or belief : declare. 2a : utter, pronounce. b : recite, repeat say your prayers.

Who said Say what you mean and mean what you say?

Stephanie LahartQuote by Stephanie Lahart: “Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t …”

How do you say what you mean without being mean?

Use appropriate language. “I want…”, “I feel…”, and “I need…” are helpful ways to get across your feelings clearly and directly without blaming the other person for something. These are especially helpful when you need to convey negative feelings or have an uncomfortable conversation.

Is it rude to say what is wrong with you?

Senior Member. Exactly. “What’s wrong with you” is usually an insult, whereas “what’s wrong” is a perfectly polite way to ask… well…

Is how come rude?

“How come” is actually often seen as a more polite, less confrontational way of asking “why?” in standard American English. I encourage my adult ESL students to use it instead of WHY in most situations. Often when a person is asked WHY, they feel somewhat defensive, as if the person asking is challenging the action.

Do I know you rude?

“Do I know you?” is not infrequently said with a sneer or in a very cold tone to indicate to someone that to the speaker they are utterly insignificant, not at all relevant. In that sense, it is very rude!

Is saying what do you mean rude?

It’s actually quite common in English to ask that question. It doesn’t mean you are being rude, it’s simply checking that the other person is following what you’re saying. It would generally be perceived as the speaker confirming their own words make sense rather than being rude to the listener.

Is saying if you say so rude?

It also makes the person on the receiving end feel as if the situation isn’t important enough for you to care about. Another offensive phrase: “If you say so.” This phrase is sarcasm in the form of insincere agreement. “If you say so” doesn’t mean that what’s being said is true – only that it’s being said.